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The GTA was the high performance version of the North American market Renault Alliance, itself a derivative of the Renault , that was .Such was the case with the final few runs of AMC Renault Alliance, when GTA and convertible variants debuted. Poor reliability and and weak .Curbside Classic Renault Alliance Patina Royale One glance told me that the owner of a Renault Alliance had finally gotten tired of its . The car was sold as a Renault GTA and was pitched at people that needed a .My Holy Alliance With The Franco American Motors Renault Alliance I asked for the Motor Trend Car of the Year the AMC Renault Alliance. . european curbside classic renault gta an alliance of a different stripe .

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    The Renault Alliance is a front wheel drive, front engine subcompact automobile manufactured and marketed in North America by American Motors Corporation AMC for model years The Alliance and its subsequent hatchback variant, the Encore, were re engineered Renault for the U.S. and Canadian markets..

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    The following are full length features for passenger cars, SUVs and minivans. Pickups, full size vans and all other trucks are archived in the “Trucks, Pickups and Vans” Portal..

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    Chrysler had a contractual obligation to take a specified number of Renault V engines and for , dropped the four cylinder and introduced a badge engineered Dodge Monaco variant in hopes of shifting a few more units..

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    The R was a great success, with ,, Rs produced during a production run of years. The car sold well in most of Europe, winning praise for its spacious and comfortable interior as well as the practicality offered by its .