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Fun Sports Cars That Are Surprisingly Cheap. . Scion. Scion FR S Subaru BRZ. . BMW. BMW Z. . Chevrolet. Chevrolet Corvette. . Ford. Ford Mustang. . Mazda Miata. Much like the Honda S, the Miata is a four cylinder Japanese roadster. . Subaru. Subaru WRX. . Honda. .Mazda Miata. Base Price $, | Base Horsepower Details Below Spider. Base Price $, | Base Horsepower hp Details Below Ford Mustang. Subaru BRZ. Chevrolet Camaro. . Dodge Challenger. Ford Fiesta ST..Top best affordable sports cars . Alpine A. Porsche Cayman. Mazda MX . Toyota GT Subaru BRZ. BMW M. Lotus Elise Sport. Audi TT RS. Ford Mustang..The first generation RX is a raw, basic sports car, from its simple The U.K. put out a lot of classic low cost, low weight roadsters in the s..

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    Top Least Expensive Sports Cars See the Most Affordable Sports Cars Currently for Sale in America. Browse Autobytel’s List of Inexpensive Sports Cars and See Which Sports Car has the Lowest Price..

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    When it comes to sports cars, most of us think we have to pay an arm and a leg to enjoy the thrill of driving one. Affordable Sports Cars Back Page of .

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    In both instances, the RSX is one nimble and capable sports car which is usually available for between $, and $,. Toyota MR. When it comes to Toyota and sports cars mash up, everyone would like to get themselves a Supra. Since Supra is kind of expensive for year old used car, you’ll probably have to settle for MR..

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    The base price of a new Porsche is now scarily close to $,, and the cost of old air cooled s has skyrocketed. Still, if you can get past the look of the ‘s headlights, it’s a sports car bargain. Thanks to overblown fears of engine failure, prices have been driven down to surprisingly affordable levels..