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Find a Cadillac CTS for sale. Dodge Challenger V. Find an Infiniti G for sale. Lexus RC. Find a Nissan Z for sale. Porsche Boxster..Buying a new sports car is no easy task. which factor in expert reviews from the automotive press, as well as safety and reliability data..Best Used Sports Cars under $K. Ford Mustang. View Local Inventory. Mazda MX Miata. View Local Inventory. Ford Mustang. View Local Inventory. Chevrolet Camaro. View Local Inventory. Nissan Z. Scion FR S. Ford Mustang. Nissan Z..The long term reliability of sports cars has experienced a paradigm shift over the last years. Read about it on Car and Driver..

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    The Honda S is a true sports car with the same level of reliability and durability as other Honda cars in the market. Introduced in the year , the Honda S was conceived to celebrate the th anniversary of Honda..

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    This year, the Ford Mustang beat out the Camaro in its ranking of the most reliable sports cars on the market. J.D. Power and Associates rated the newest line of Ford Mustangs as a out of star car for expected reliability. So, if you’re looking for a reliable sports car, this isn’t a bad choice at all..

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    Sports cars are a passion purchase, selected for their styling, character, performance, and even legacy. They make a statement, while transforming a commute into a thrill ride. But there remains practical considerations with any car purchase and chief among them is reliability. With sports cars, reliability is elusive..

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    I googled the most reliable sports cars and got a lot of contradicting information. Is there a general consensus on what sports cars won’t .